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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Like Optimus Prime

31 is not old. I’ve had friends try to convince me that I am wrong when, in fact, they are wrong. You lost your chance to convince me that I am old last year when I became part of “the thirties”.

My rebuttal to anyone who tells me I am old is that 31 is a prime number so, obviously, I’m still in my prime. You can talk to me about this next year when I am divisible by 2, 4, 8, and 16.


I had a birthday on Sunday. Many of you tried to call me or text me your birthday wishes, and to those who did, I appreciate it. I’m sorry my phone is such a piece that it decided to break on my freaking birthday. Basically, the hinge on the flip part broke partially about two weeks ago, and when I decided to check it on Sunday, the whole thing broke off, ripping at the wires and rendering the whole thing useless.

Anyways, due to such a great group of friends & family, I had an awesome birthday. The birthday weekend started with a camping trip in the Olympic mountains at Deer Park, a campsite essentially at the summit of one of the mountains. Easily the most breathtaking place I’ve camped yet:

We got back to town on Sunday afternoon in time for Matturday, the annual joint birthday celebration between our friend Matty and I, who celebrate back-to-back birthdays. Since it was his 30th, he called the shots on the plans, and we spent Sunday evening staying low-key with some food and drinks at a couple of bars in Pike Place Market.

A birthday weekend celebrated with some of my good friends is all I really need these days, but Wac took things to another level this year, like she usually tends to do. For whatever reason, Wac likes to go overboard on my birthdays, and I’m not complaining. Previous birthdays have included trips to Yakima to do a tour of the wine country, “staycations” at a hotel Downtown, and chocolate & food pairing dinners at Theo’s Chocolate. This year, Wac asked me if I wanted an event or a gadget. Since we were going camping for the weekend, I chose gadget.

I was supposed to find out Monday what the gadget would be, but we had sometime after we got back Sunday afternoon, so we went to the undisclosed location to get it. On the way there, Wac disclosed that we were going to Northgate Mall. Specifically, Best Buy.

To get me a laptop.


Talk about the coolest girlfriend ever. My 2002 Dell PC is completely outdated but I haven’t had the resources to replace it. Wac realized that a new computer was probably the one thing I needed the most and made that my birthday present.

Oh, and I should mention that she planned an event anyways – a cooking class dinner scheduled for the end of the month.

See, I told you I’m still in my prime. There’s no way an “old man” would end up with the best girlfriend in the world.


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