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Friday, January 23, 2009

The Catch-22 Of Unemployment

I just got off the phone with the recruiter of another opportunity I missed out on. Ugh. Opportunity. Sorry, I can't help but write in HR speak when it comes to jobs. I have been keeping in contact with her over the past couple of months about a open job they had. Despite the fact that the job responsibilities were identical to many I had in my last job (mostly the ones I didn't care for), I was still very much interested in this job. One, I definitely was qualified for it. Two, the pay would be decent. Three, even though it wasn't where I wanted to be exactly, it was with a very strong company, and I held out the chance that I could enjoy the same position more with a different company.

She sent me an email on Monday, telling me the HR equivalent of "too bad, so sad." I sent her an email the same night telling her the HR equivalent of "are you fucking serious?" She replied the next morning offering to call me today to explain the decision. In all honesty, she's been the most enjoyable recruiter to talk to over the past 8 months, and there was a slight tone in her email that suggested this wasn't solely her decision and that she was on my side.

We talked briefly today, and she said the decision came down to the fact that they felt that, while I was certainly qualified for the position, it would be a bit of a step down for me, and there wouldn't be much movement out of the position for quite a while. They consider the position to be a step up for the other candidates they are pursuing, meaning it is less likely that they will look to move out of the position over the next two years.

I certainly understand their decision as there is a bit of truth to it. It's not exactly where I want to be, and I've become so career-oriented these days that I would certainly be looking to move ahead at every opportunity. But I can't help but laugh at the situation.

I've been told left and right that I'm very qualified for the positions I'm applying for, just not quite as qualified as the other guy. Now, I'm being told that I'm very qualified for this position, in fact, a bit too qualified.

Fuck it, I'm just gonna go deliver pizzas from now on.

(oh wait, my car isn't running)



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