Nothing Special, Really

Monday, June 11, 2007

Gone Fishin'

I'm suffering from a case of Writer's Block. I can't think of anything to blog about lately. What makes this depressing is that most of what I write about correlates to something going on in my life.

Sure, things have been happening. I went to the dentist on Thursday, went to see Hot Fuzz on Friday, went to a graduation party on Saturday, and had some people over for poker on Sunday. But none of that seems interesting enough to blog about.

Last year was full of ups & downs. I got a girlfriend, a new apartment, a new cat, left the state on numerous occasions, got promoted, experienced my first full year in Seattle, etc. But I had some lows like the aftermath of the DUI, losing our kickass apartment, and making foolish financial decisions.

This year, it seems like everything has leveled off. Nothing has really gotten better, but nothing has really gotten worse. My relationship, as great as it is, hasn't really shown any progress in the past couple of months. Our new apartment in many ways is better than the old one, but it's smaller and not as cool. The kitten is now a cat, although he still acts like a kitten. I'm still in the same job, and while the pay is better, the discontent is still pretty much the same. There's been some adventure - things like our vacation, our trip to the Sasquatch Festival, and discovering that I probably have diabetes. But overall, there hasn't been much excitement going on, and therefore, not much to write about.

I created this blog because I enjoy writing, but I don't enjoy writing when I have nothing to say. I need to find something to light that creative fire within me again. I don't want this blog to become a series of recaps of what I did this weekend with my girlfriend, or my thoughts on the Suns. I don't mind if that's the topic from time to time, but I want something more out of this blog. Right now, I just don't know what that is or how to do it.

So I'm putting the blog on hiatus for a while. I may come back, I may not. I don't think it'll be missed by much. I know that there's a couple of you still reading, but I haven't gained the audience that I expected when I moved my blog from Myspace to Blogspot. I'm just not happy with anything that I post anymore, and if I'm going to continue this, I want it to be worthwhile. Right now, it's not. Maybe I'll find something tomorrow that changes everying, maybe I'll figure it out. But right now, today, I'm just not happy with the direction this is going, so until I find a new direction, it's time to put this on pause.

Take care everyone, and thanks for reading.

Monday, June 4, 2007

The Things You Own End Up Owning You

This was long overdue:

It's not as meaningful as it looks, considering all of those were maxed (and one was expired), but it's still significant. I've lamented before about my financial status (I'm broke & in massive debt) and it's been quite a struggle to pull myself out of this. I don't even have all of my rent money and won't until Friday. So I made the decision today to cut these guys up. I've been in a habit the past couple of months of using up whatever available credit I had once I made my monthly payments. Sometimes it would be to bail me out, other times it would be to engage in some "retail therapy". But really, what those credit cards did was act as a BandAid to a much bigger problem of mismanaging my budget. So it's time to teach myself a lesson. The credit cards aren't the temporary solution to a smaller problem, they are a cause for a much bigger, less temporary problem.

We went to go see Knocked Up on Saturday. Wac, who is staunchly opposed to having a baby, even mentioned that it made having a baby seem almost a little bit fun.

Then it showed a baby's head trying to squeeze it's way out of a vagina, and that pretty much ended the whole fantasy. But it's a good movie nonetheless. Especially if you're a chollo at Easter.

I still haven't been to the doctor about my Diabetes. I'm probably going to wait until next month, because I'm switching insurance providers. Group Health is retarded. Not only does my deductible apply to EVERYTHING, and not do I have to pay $25 for ANY kind of visit, but I can only go to their facilities. It's a co-op, not a network, so I have to see them or see no one. Not that BCBS is any better (nor is it any cheaper), but it's got to be worth paying extra to go see the doctor I want, not just whatever recent med grad is on duty that day.

Fuck, health insurance sucks man. Screw this, I'm moving to Canada, eh! You hoser!

Anyways, we went grocery shopping yesterday, and I'm trying to be more conscious of what I can and can't eat. It's getting better. I didn't buy any ice cream this time. Or soda, diet or regular. I bought pudding but it was sugar free. I didn't buy any Totino's pizzas, despite the fact that $1 each. And today for lunch, I had a gyro with a Caesar salad.

OK, and a Dr. Pepper. Baby steps though, right?

Did you know that an anagram for "Diabetes" is "Eat...Die....BS!" Yeah, that's how I feel. But it's what I have to do. It could be worse, right?

I could have a baby come out of my vagina.