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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Deep Thoughts

It's 11:43pm as I begin this blog post. I'm pretty sure the neighbors upstairs have been humping off and on for an hour now. Either that, or they picked an odd time to try to put together some Ikea furniture.

I'm playing some online poker as I write this. I just folded a three-seven offsuit in the small blind. I think that was a good thing. I'm really not paying attention but usually, it is.

I'm still jobless. I have a couple of possibilities lined up, but it's waiting game time. I've done all I can with one employer & still have to interview with the other, but according to the recruiter, they sound very interested. The latter job probably starts me off higher but I think I prefer the first one because it's a better opportunity. It's more in line with where I want to be and it doesn't start out as a contract position like the second place would. I'm still living off of severance, but if I keep spending $150 a weekend at the bar then we'll have problems, so enough of that for now.

Of course, all this will change once my unemployment checks start rolling in. Hopefully, that's soon. It's being delayed because they have to "decide" if my school interferes with my ability to get a job. It's not hard to figure out; I go twice a week and it ends next Monday. Now just give me my money already.

I should have some more posts up this week. I've holed myself up in the apartment on most days just playing poker & job searching. I think I'll take a break for part of the week and hang out at the coffee shop instead. It's all dependent upon my ability to snag Wac's laptop while she's at work. Shouldn't be a problem.

I think the neighbors are done humping. Good, it's almost Monday.

Wac and I took first place in an Uno tournament at a friend's house tonight. I don't think people realize the skill involved in Uno. I was down to two cards in one round - a Wild and a blue 2. I had to play the Wild so I went for the ol' trickery play and declared the color to be Green. My plan worked perfectly when our friend Chris switched up the color to Blue just a couple cards away from me. Another friend, Kelli wasn't paying attention and switched it back to Green right before me. Way to inadvertently foil my plan. But I clinched a first place tie with Wac in the end, and snagged the title outright when I beat her in arm-wrestling. The prize? Some homemade banana bread. Of course, I'll be sharing it with her anyways.

I just busted out of a poker game on the first hand. I think that means it's bedtime.


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