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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bow to Me, Citizens of Tanzania!

Somewhere in Africa, in a small town in Tanzania, I will become a God.

Our friend Elliot spends half to 3\4ths of the year in a small village in Tanzania as part of Project Kesho, a non-profit founded by his brother & sister-in-law to help improve the educational system in underprivileged areas in East Africa. He's a huge dork; you can seem him in pictures here as the curly-fro'd goofy looking dude. Anytime he comes back to Seattle, he just shows up at our door unannounced and can't stop quoting from Borat even though the movie is three years old now.

He stopped by earlier this week, and we hung out for a little bit, playing some Guitar Hero and Rock Band on my sweet new XBox 360. Since I've upgraded my gaming system, I had no need for my PS2 anymore, and Elliot offered to buy it to take back to Tanzania. For the system, one controller + a guitar controller, all three Guitar Hero games and GTA: San Andreas, he gave me $50. I tried to get him to take my football and baseball games too, but he declined, explaining the kids there would have no idea what to do. It didn't dawn on me until then that they had no concept of American football or baseball. He could explain that it's kind of like rugby or cricket but they still wouldn't understand.

But the language of music has no boundaries So for $50, the kids get to experience the joy of faux-shredding to Metallica's "One" or Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Pride and Joy". They'll stumble their way through to the end, and when they get there, I imagine they'll wonder who this Matt guy is that owns every single high score on the game. Perhaps, after time, they'll be good enough to play on Hard or Expert, but each time, I'll be there, waiting for them. My name will become legend.

Who says video games are a waste of time?


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