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Monday, February 5, 2007

I <3 Leandro Barbosa

No, this post won't be completely Suns-related, but there is one thing I have to get off my chest.

Boris Fucking Diaw is no longer the object of my (Suns) affection.

Boris, you've been half-assing it all year long. We extend your contract to the tune of 5 years at almost $50 million, and you showed up to training camp 20 pounds overweight. You've had some nights where we've needed you and you've came to play, but more often than not your tentativeness and over-focus on trying to pass the ball has been a hinderance. But you've finally outdone yourself.

We lost to the Jazz (at home!) Saturday night 108-105. You had four free throws in the last two minutes. You made one. You do the math, you French bastard. Yes, one of the misses was intentional, but that's ONLY because you missed the first one. Way to choke that one, buddy.

From now on you're no longer Boris FUCKIN Diaw, you're FUCKIN Boris Diaw.


Not much happened this weekend, aside from a trip to Ikea. We went there looking for a small rug or something and ended up with $220 worth of stuff. I'm pretty sure that, if there is a hell, it's just one long, endless Ikea store. And the entire store is the kids section.

Rented a couple of movies this weekend. First was Beerfest. After Club Dread and now this, I'm almost convinced that the Broken Lizard gang's only hit will be Super Troopers. I'll give them one more chance, but it's sad to see such promise go to waste. As lowbrow as Super Troopers is, it's still a very smartly written comedy, and they show that you can write jokes about boobs and sex and smoking pot and cursing and still pull it off in a way that fits the plot and seems realistic. In Beerfest, they mistake "smartly written" for "gratuitious" and decide to cater to the lowest common denominator for a laugh.

Also checked out An Inconvenient Truth. I had reservations about seeing this because I was afraid it was going to be too much political propaganda, like Fahrenheit 9\11. Sure, that movie was hysterical, but when I sat back and looked at that movie objectively, it's a horrible movie if you're looking for truth because it's so skewed to the left. Anyway, I was pleased to find that the political messages were kept to a minimum, and the movie did a great job of illustrating the impact we're having and how relatively easy it can be to undo the mess we've caused.

Of course Sunday was Super Bowl day. What a waste of time. The game was a mess, the commericals were only sometimes amusing (see below for winners)...really, the only good that came out of it was that it gave me an excuse to make some cheesburgers, and those were outstanding!

OK, here's my five favorite Super Bowl commercials, in order:

5. The Snickers commerical. This was the first one that got a giggle out of us. It was just so absurd and weird.

4. The Sierra Mist commericals. Mostly the one with Jim Gaffigan's beard over. What a novel idea - make a commerical featuring professional comedians, and it turns out funny? Who knew?

3. The Budweiser commercial. The one featuring the sad dog who wants to be in the parade but he doesn't have spots so he can't but then he gets dirty and sneaks up onto the float. This was all pretty lame. But it was saved in a big way at the end, when the float queen gets filthy from hugging the dog. Turned what was going to be a sappy commerical into a pretty funny one.

2. The Blockbuster commerical. Of course talking animals would probably try to use a real mouse to sign onto the internet. Although the joke was obvious, it was done in a subtle way. And we're suckers for animals.

1. The Career Builder commericals. One of these wasn't that great, one was OK, but one was just absolutely brilliant - the one with the Post-It man and the chinese-food-wielding delivery guy.

I thought the Bud Light commericals were just ok, the Go Daddy commericals disappointing, and Jessica Simpson still looked like an overpriced whore.

One final note: everyone go check out the Girl Talk album, Night Ripper. I got to see this guy a week or so ago when I went out with Damon for his birthday. He had been jocking his nuts for weeks and was determined to see him play. Of course the show was sold out but that didn't stop us. It's amazing how much a smeared ballpoint pen drawing can look like a worn out stamp on the wrist. It helped that the show was so packed that they weren't investigating it closely.

Anyways, so what this guy does is basically take a bunch of songs, throw them into a blender, and make new songs. It's not like he's a DJ though because he's not just mixing one record with another - he takes snippets from random songs, like putting Ludacris's lyrics to a mixture of the acoustic guitar from Oasis's Wonderwall and a beat from LL Cool J, or splicing together Neutral Milk Hotel, Billy Ocean, and the Ying Yang Twins, or something like that. You can check out the Wikipedia entry for more details: Even if you're not into most of the music he's using, it's just a fun album to listen to.

And, of course, he's another reason why I'm going to Coachella this year, as should you!


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