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Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Miracle From God?

No, just a blessing in disguise from a drunk frat boy.

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned the damage recently done to my car. It's still driveable, just not quite the ladies-mobile it used to be (although a quick polish of the rims might restore some much needed glean & shine). I was worried that I wouldn't have the money to get it fixed, and my car was going to get devalued drastically. So I talked to my insurance agent, and they gave me some of the greatest news I've heard all year.

I can get it estimated & they'll cut me a check for the difference over the deductable.

Praise Jeebus!

I tried not to work myself up too much, as I'm no claims adjustor, and what I thought was roughly $1k in damage could end up being something like $550. Even though I was already on a mental shopping spree, I tried my best to talk it down so that I wouldn't be disappointed.

Instead, the estimate came in at about $2100. That meant $1600. In my pocket. Instantly.

(ignore the fact that my insurance may or may not go up because of the claim).


The money couldn't have come at a better time. I was already struggling to figure out how I was going to pay off my dentist bill, as well as the numerous parking tickets that were preventing me from registering my car. Problem solved!

Then, just two days ago, my brakes started grinding, making my car sound like a landslide anytime I approached a red light. What would have been a devastating problem last week was easily solved via debit card today.

Of course, between those three expenses, I blew roughly 75% of that money. Add to that a much needed purchase of boxers & t-shirt, plus a couple of splurges here & there, and I'm already down to the last $100, maybe less. But instead of having to freak out about $1500 in expenses, I'm living a bit more comfortably again. Hallelujah!

A quick FYI...I'll address the diabetes situation in much more detail after Monday. The test has come back & confirmed the diabetes, but I'll go to see my doctor on Monday to talk about it, so I'll know more then. Although my comment was rather flippant, inside...yes, I'm really freaking out about it. This is going to be the hardest thing I'll have to deal with in my life, by far. We're talking about trying to change a lifestyle that's been developed over the last 29 years. But, again, I'll address that more in a few days.


  • Good luck man! I hope the appointment with Doc went as best as it could have today. Good luck with the lifestyle changes needed! You've got my sincerest sympathies...

    "What doesn't kill us,..." ...

    By Blogger RaisingCayne, At September 24, 2007 at 6:00 PM  

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