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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Day At My Job

On the way to the restroom today, I had some interesting ideas for a blog today. Instead, I've decided to compile all of those ideas and do a running diary of my life today. It's not that today is special or anything, but it's a way to keep me from actually doing my work.

9:30am - rolled into work late today. I had a hard time getting up and decided to sleep in. Plus, the kitten was being extra cute today, and it was hard getting out of bed with that little bugger laying next to me.

9:38am - My boss remarks "Hey, you actually made it!" I give her the excuse of not being able to fall asleep until 5am (false). I explain to her my past history of this problem (true) and that it's the second time in two weeks it's happened (false). She suggests sleeping pills, and I tell her how they don't work because they speed up my heart rate and keep me awake (true). I'm not sure how well she bought. Not sure that I sold it that well to begin with.

9:50am - Head down to get some breakfast. They're out of turkey cheddar croissants. Those things are absolutely amazing. I go for a bagel and some cranberry juice instead.

10:20 - The head of our department comes by and mentions a team meeting today. She's not speaking in my general direction but outside my office so I assume this means me too.

10:55 - She comes back and mentions the meeting is in 5 minutes.

11:00 - I walk into the conference room and notice not everyone is there. I ask if this is an "everyone" meeting, and she says "well, no, but I can stay if I want". I ask her if I should be in here, and she says "sure, you can sit in."

11:03 - She starts passing out papers to everyone else but me, then says "you don't really need that." I say "if I don't need to be here, I can just go work on something else." I get up and leave when it's apparent that the meeting really doesn't concern me. Seriously, why couldn't she have just said that from the start? I've got other stuff to work on. Like writing blogs.

11:35 - The cranberry is catching up to me. I head to the restroom. I run into Lisa. Lisa is someone who I helped about a year ago or so with her credit account. We don't really know each other, but we have that face recognition, so we say "Hi" as we pass. Lately, it seems like we're on the same bathroom schedule, as we have been passing by each other lately. Now, I just start cracking up anytime I turn the corner and see her. I'm thinking about changing my restroom route because of this. It's getting creepy.

11:36 - The main restroom is closed. Why can't they clean the restrooms when no one's here? I go down to the 6th floor. Their employee restroom is closed for cleaning too. Fuck! I have to walk over to the customer restroom. It's kind of gross - this is where many bums go to bath or freshen up or just take a break. Thankfully, it's empty today.

11:55 - I keep munching on Ruffles from a bridal shower yesterday for one of our coworkers. They made all of the guys in our department go too. I didn't mind - it meant free food for lunch. Free snacks today too!

1:40 - Just got back from lunch. Fuck it's hot out! I know it's worse in AZ, but 90 degrees is hot anywhere. Someone was passing out free Mentos on the way back. Also, every year, they have some random bands play out in Century Square during lunch time. All the bands they get are horrible, usually cover bands. If the heat wasn't annoying enough, I have to deal with that also. I'm kinda glad I'm back in the office now. I have a conference call training class in 20 minutes that I have to prepare for. Be back in two and a half hours.

3:40 - My conference call ended about 45 minutes early. I LOVE when that happens. Now I get to run more reports and try to reconcile some invoices for computers we purchased back in February. I'm kind of regretting sleeping in today. Normally, I'd be going home in less than an hour. Instead, I'm here until 6pm. Argh.

4:25pm - Ate some more Ruffles. Haven't done much else really. I'm used to going home now so I'm in that mode, only I have an hour & a half left. Lame.

5:21pm - I really want to leave at 5:30 but I'd be short a half-hour, and my boss probably wouldn't let me make up the half hour tomorrow. When I came in this morning, she asked me "Are you staying late to make up your hours today?" It was a rhetorical question. She already knew the answer. Hopefully the last 40 minutes will fly by.


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