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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Memorial Day

Monday is Memorial Day. You know, that Federal Holiday where we remember something by barbecuing some food and get drunk by 2pm. I think that was an old Sioux Indian tradition that our forefathers adapted before they slaughtered most of them.

Cue song: "And I'm proud to be an American..."

I wonder how much longer it will take before they change the name of Memorial Day to something like Barbecue Day, or DUI Day. I honestly don't know a single person who celebrates the holiday with the spirit that was intended. Anyways, here are some facts you should know about Memorial Day:

1. It's to honor those in the military that died going all the way back to the Civil War. I guess the War of 1812 casualties are shit out of luck. If anyone remembers them anyways.

2. It's because of the Uniform Holiday Act that we get to celebrate it on a Monday. Three Day Weekend - score!

3. I will be celebrating my Memorial Day Weekend with the likes of other American patriots, such as Bjork, Arcade Fire, & The Beastie Boys at the Sasquatch Music Festival.

However you choose to celebrate your Memorial Day, make sure to stay safe, don't drink & drive, but still drink lots of alcohol. Because a good Memorial Day is one that you just can't remember.

Last night was the season finale of Lost. I can't remember the last time I was this capitvated by a TV show, probably not since nip\tuck. I didn't catch on until sometime last fall, when Wac & I broke down and rented the first season, but we've made it a point to catch every show this season. It seems like most shows on network television don't appeal to me, but really is such a brilliant TV show. Not because of the incredibly detailed yet still interesting plot line, or because of the amazingly talented cast. I find it brilliant because they've found an ingenious way to capture an audience - don't let them know what the fuck is going on with your show. Really, the only answers we've got thus far have only led to more questions. Yet, I've been hooked since I started. Man, this is going to be a rough 9 months coming up.

I just want to remind everyone back in AZ of a couple of things:

1. The highs right now are between 67 -75 degrees.
2. It's possible to get tickets for $200 roundtrip right now.

Just sayin.


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