Nothing Special, Really

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Road Trip, Part 4

Thursday, April 26th
San Francisco - Ah, The Romans Were Here

The second day in San Francisco got off to a rocky start. We began the day in search of a Kinko's. Wac had some important paperwork that didn't get sent out before we left, so we walked down to the Financial District, grabbed some bagels for breakfast, and hung out at Kinko's for a little bit. Not the best way to spend vacation, but it was just something we had to do.

We stopped back at the hotel to regroup and get the car for the next part of our day - the driving tour. While we were waiting for the car, we stopped at a little market across the street for some snacks and some water. I wasn't really hungry, but when I walked in, everything changed. Right in front of me, shining like a gold tooth'd grill from the smile of a really dark black man, was a sight that nearly brought me to tears:

Heaven has a name, and it is Hostess's Orange Cupcakes! For years, I thought these were discontinued; I haven't seen them in stores for a long time (I was very sad about this, to the point that I wrote a blog about it on myspace). I thought I would have to order these online if I ever wanted them again. You can imagine my excitement when I found these in a store again.

Once I calmed down, we made our purchase, and drove up to Alamo Square, our second stop on the "Axe Murderer" tour. This is the park where you can see the famous Painted Ladies, and also the park where Charlie Mackenzie was going to "cleave" Harriet. We snapped some choice photos, but not before I embarked on the bliss that is devouring some orange cupcakes.

We continued our tour through San Francisco to Battery Point, a park in The Presidio, and the backdrop to the scene where Charlie asks Harriet if she's ever done anything "Evil. Like the fruits of the devil. Evil." From there, we "danced like children of the night" at the Palace of Fine Arts. After that, we drove down Lombard St, which wasn't in the movie but should have been, as it's a highly recognizable SF landmark and a fun drive.

All that sight seeing made us hungry, and by nightfall, we were ready to eat. We ended up at some Italian restaurant at Fisherman's Wharf. It was no Olive Garden, but what is? We stopped by Cold Stone Creamery for dessert, then headed home by none other than cable car. Yes, again. I couldn't get enough of them!

Friday morning, we stopped off at some diner for breakfast, then wasted what little time we had left by going to the flagship Macy's in San Francisco. It's the headquarters for the Macy's West division, so it's this monstrosity of a store. It's so big, in fact, that the Men's Store has it's own building across the street, and the main building is still 7 stories tall. One whole floor was dedicated to women's shoes. Overall, it was relatively unimpressive - I think the Seattle flagship store is better looking. This marked the end of our San Francisco trip, and by the afternoon, we began the hour drive to our next location - Santa Cruz.

Coming up next time: Sushi, sand and...more cupcakes?