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Friday, April 6, 2007

Sausage In My Mouth

Today is indeed a Good Friday. The weather today is as God intended, if you believe those stories:

Of course, I omitted the part about Monday being only 51 degrees. I'm just trying to live for today, man, I ain't hearin' that shit.

I took advantage of the sunshine and had lunch up at the Pike Place Market with Josh. We stopped by Piroshky Piroshky, an amazing Russian bakery right near the original Starbucks. Lunch today was a Bavarian Sausage piroshky, which is basically a Pig in a Blanket, only 133249.58 times better. I capped it off with a can of Coke and an Apple Cinnamon roll. Probably the best lunch I've had in 6 months.

Today was one of those days where, if I was back at my old job in AZ, I'd probably just not go back to work. A call center job isn't the most glorious career path, but there's something to be said about being able leaving work early unapproved with the only consequenc being a mark on your attendance record (well, that and the missing pay). I try to pull that these days, and I have not one but TWO bosses to answer to, let alone unfinished work that's only going to make my life harder. I hate responsibility sometimes.

Speaking of lack of responsibility, it looks vacation plans have changed once again, and we're heading to Pismo Beach instead of Monterey Bay. Pismo Beach wasn't really high on my list of vacation destinations (or at all, for that matter), but with the Monterey resort completely booked, our choices were Pismo, Tahoe, or some other remote locations in California. I've been pretty adamant about wanting to go somewhere that didn't remind me of the Pacific Northwest, so I ixnay'ed the Tahoe idea. The Pismo Beach location allows us a lot more flexibility than Tahoe does, and it looks nothing like Washington. That's not to say that I don't love it in Washington, but I want as much of an escape as possible.

BTW, does anyone else think of "old people" when they think of "Pismo Beach"? Wac thinks it's just me being weird, but I've already got two other people on my side. I can't think of why this is - the only possibility I've found is a reference to it in old Bugs Bunny cartoons, which were popular with old people when they weren't old. Any other ideas?

The Suns & Spurs played last night. For years now, the Spurs have had our number, and it looks like this year isn't any different. The refrain for years has been that the Suns don't play any defense, but against most teams I don't think it matters. There aren't many teams that disrupt our offense enough or play strong enough defense to make our deficiencies an issue, but San Antonio is one team that does. I wanted to throw my cat at the TV every time I saw Steve Nash or Amare Stoudemire just stand there and let them get the ball in the paint. To San Antonio's credit, there aren't many other teams that can stop them, but it didn't even look like we were trying. The fact is that San Antonio is a well-coached, disciplined team that excels at taking away a team's advantage. If we play them in the playoffs, we had better learn how to execute in the half court; otherwise, we're not going to the Finals.

(although a lot of that paragraph is based on honest opinion, there's also the hope that superstition will take control and make the opposite of all that happen. It can work both ways, right?)


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