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Monday, April 2, 2007

T-Minus 3 Weeks....

I'm happy to say that I wasn't the victim of any April's Fools Jokes yesterday. I did get Wac with one though, around 2:00am early Sunday morning:

Wac: "What are you thinking about?"
Me: "Oh, nothing"
Wac: "Tell me!"
Me: "(sigh) It's nothing, really"
Wac: "What is it?"
Me: "I'm just thinking about how I kind of want to move back to AZ."
Wac: "Really?"
Me: "Yeah. You know, I just miss my friends down there, and it's more affordable, and..I dunno, it's something I've just been thinking about. What do you think?"
Wac (obviously terrified but holding it back): "....well...."
Me: "Another thing to consider though, is that, even though it's only is April Fools Day already..."
Wac (rolling over): "Jerk."

Another successful victim! Although this definitely wasn't as good as the year I called a close friend of mind, nearly in tears, admitting to her that I was fooling around with someone, and in the middle of a BJ, I said her name instead of the, um, "performer's" name. Now THAT was a good April Fools joke.

Wac had some old friends come up and visit her this weekend, some friends from high school. It's made for a good weekend, even though it didn't start off too well on Friday night. I came home and fell asleep watching the Pacers-Magic game, waking up when they walked in around 7pm. I guess I was a little bit cranky once I woke up, although it wasn't intentional. I wasn't so much cranky from being woken up as I was cranky about where I saw the night heading, and I was hoping to avoid it.

Earlier this week, another friend of mine, one of my good friends, was making plans to go catch the midnight showing of Fight Club this weekend. Although his plans included hitting up Linda's at 8pm (too early for a brokeass like me), I definitely wanted to at least see the movie. My all time favorite movie, back on the big screen - how could I pass this up?

But, I knew that Wac's friends were in town, so it was going to be quite the juggling act. However, she said that they were down for checking out the movie as well. Score!

So Friday night rolls around, and the plans now include going out to dinner, hitting up a bar to say "Bon Voyage!' to an acquaintance of Wac's who was moving to Chicago soon, and then try to catch the movie. I know how important it is for Wac that I hang out with her friends while they're in town, but I also know how much my close friend, given the limited amount of time we spend together these days, wants me to come hang out and do some drinking before the movie. I see where the night is headed. I'm not happy.

I try my best during dinner to be sociable, but I find myself staring out the window constantly, trying to figure out the best way to solve this problem. I called my friend before dinner, letting him know that I'd try to be up there after dinner. I'm wondering what the odds are that I'll be able to sneak away during the farewell get-together, especially considering that I hardly know her friend.

We get to the bar, which is a decent little place. It's small, adorned with various pantings and other art works. It's crowded, and although the atmosphere is comfortable, the rest of the bar isn't. The lady of the event is talking to some other friends, so we head towards a space between the main bar and the bathrooms. It's the only place we can find room to rest. Only 3 chairs are available, so I do the gentlemanly thing and stand.

Her friends are fading fast. I'm wondering if we're gonna make the movie at all. I'm not drinking so that I can drive and park, as it's Friday night in Capitol Hill, and I feel that I'll be the most capable of weaving through hipsters and finding a parking spot. I call my friend and let him know I'm running late but I'll try to make my way to the bar. For the first time that night, I'm called a queer and accused of banging too many dudes in the butt. I'm sure this won't be the last time.

I try to gauge Wac's take on the issue of me bouncing to the bar early and meeting them at the movie. Understandably, she isn't very pleased with it. She prefers that I would stay since her friends aren't in town for very long. She later tells me that it's OK if I go. I know this isn't the case so I stick around.

This is the situation that I was trying to avoid. If I go, I've got a girlfriend who's upset at me for being grumpy all evening, then ditching her and her friends to go get a couple of drinks. If I stay, I've got a friend who's counting this as another example of how I'm "whipped" and don't hang out with him anymore.

There's no easy resolution to this, so I choose the one that makes the most sense: I stayed, because it was cheaper to stay and not drink with Wac and her friends then it was to go up to the bar with my friend. If I could afford it, I don't know what the decision would have been. I don't think there's a right decision either way.

We head to the movie theater and wait for my friend, who's bombarding me with text messages declaring my homosexuality. Luckily, this is the most I have to deal with, and we enjoy the movie with everyone in a good mood.

In less than three weeks, I go on vacation. I'm so ready to get out of this city and relax for a while. Our vacation is a variation on our original plan to road trip it down to Indio for Coachella. Since that's out of the picture, we're cutting our road trip short and spending the week of 4.23-4.27 in the Monterey Bay area of CA. We ended up with this destination because it was the most affordable. We're both on limited funds, so we needed to find a place where we could transfer our reservation in Indio. We found a resort in Marina, CA that looks amazing, and it still allows us to make a road trip out of it. We'll probably spend a couple of days driving down, hitting up a couple places in Oregon, and we'll undoubtedly find some time to hang out in San Francisco, since it's been determined that I'm a fag so I'll fit right in down there.

It's still weird to refer to every destination as being "down there", whereas everything in relation to Phoenix is still "up there". I still find myself on occasion talking about when I'm "going back up to Arizona".

Anyway, I'm definitely excited to go on vacation again. The last time that I went on vacation that wasn't related to a Wedding or a DUI was Vegas two years ago. I need some time away where the only things I have to think about are:

1. Do I want to stay at the beach for another hour?
2. Is a 7th beer really necessary?
3. Do I really want to leave?

Man, vacation couldn't come any sooner.

P.S. Dirk Nowitski's a homo.


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