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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


First, I want to address my last post briefly. I'm not as bitter as it may have sounded. I've just been through a weird point in my life & under a lot of stress from unforseen predicaments (having to move within two weeks, at risk of not having a job, etc.) I'm not apologizing for what I said, but I realize now that things aren't really as drastic as I was.

Anyways, I'm just recovering from a mini panic attack. I just found out less than an hour ago that the 3-day passes for Coachella are now sold out. So is Saturday, so that only leaves Friday single day tickets available.

I was just getting really excited about this trip, especially since Wac and I have been thinking grandiose thoughts and turning it into the end-all, be-all of road trips, a possible 12 day road trip down to Cali, hitting up two baseball games on the way, peaking at Coachella, then making an insane drive back to San Francisco to catch another game, ending with a 13 hour rush back from SF to Seattle. 12 days, 3 states, 3 baseball games, one music festival, many friends, and a lifetime experience.

And it's up in smoke because Rage fans are fucking insane and will buy up 3 day tickets just so they can see the band on the last day.

I freaked out and had to wake up Wac to calm me down because I was ready to throw shit through the window. Fuck them for ruining my trip, or for forcing me to pay scalper's prices if I want to go all three days (which I can't afford anyways).

But then I calmed down and realized that this isn't the worse thing that could happen. In fact, it could end up working out very well. The fact is this was going to be a very expensive trip, even despite that we scored three rooms in Indio at a time share for free (thanks Wac's parents). This may allow us to spend our money more wisely.

Plus, there are only about 12-15 bands that I really want to see:

Bjork - haven't seen her yet, would like to.
Interpol - saw them once, will always see them when I can.
Jesus & Mary Chain - the more I listen to them the more I would like to see them.
Sonic Youth - already saw them once, wouldn't mind it again.

Arcade Fire - really stoked about this, have been rockin to Funeral for days, but I can always go see them in Portland on 5\27 if I really want to.
Blonde Redhead - they are playing in Seattle on 4\21, which is possibly the day that we would have left for the road trip. I think I could probably adjust to accomodate this.
Girl Talk - just saw him at Chop Suey, don't really need to see him again.

Rage Against The Machine - I'm sure this will be a phenomenal show, but the fact is I've already seen them three times.
Air - Probably the biggest let down, although they haven't announced any other U.S. dates, they are putting out a new album, and I doubt they would only make a stop at Coachella.
Explosions In The Sky - they'll be in Seattle on 5\6, and I'd much rather see them in a smaller setting.

There are other bands that I'd like to see, like !!!, Grizzly Bear, Junior Boys, The Roots, The Frames, and Against Me!, but I'm sure I'll be able to see all these bands at another point.

So, using the $300 I would use for the 3-day pass, I could use the money instead as so:
Friday @ Coachella - approx $100
Blonde Redhead - $18
Explosions In The Sky - $12
Arcade Fire - guessing about $30
That's only $160. I can then use the left over money for:
Bloc Party - $25
The Shins - $25

Wac just woke up and I ran this by her, and she seems pretty keen on the idea too. We'll get to see the bands that we really want to see, still make a trip out of it, and add in a couple of bands that aren't going to Coachella. Plus, we'll have a day or two at a nice time share so we can hang out by the pool, go to the casino, go drinking in Palm Springs, who knows.

Now that I've thought about all this, I'm really not all that devastated anymore.


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    By Blogger wacarra, At February 14, 2007 at 4:51 PM  

  • Going back to Cali, to Cali, to Cali!

    By Blogger wacarra, At February 14, 2007 at 4:51 PM  

  • If you're going to be in Palm Springs on Thursday night - you should go to the Farmer's Market, it's somewhere on the main drag of P.S., but it's fun, free & there's FUDGE. Also, in Palm Desert (between PS & Indio) there is a really crappy dive bar called The Big Red Barn which is aptly in a big-red-barn-like building. It's off the 111 on the East side of the street - you can't miss it, it's a big red barn :). I'll try to think of some good food places too & let you know! Oh but one popped in my head now - Miranda's Mexican in Indio. It's off of Monroe St & the 10. It's on the corner of Oleander Ave & Monroe St. They have really good flautas & good prices & it's CLEAN. Mmmmmmm....

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At February 15, 2007 at 11:05 AM  

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