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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Yes, This One's Also About The Suns

Last night, on more than one occassion, Wac said I was scaring her.

That's how loud I was clapping and yelling at the TV.

Last night's game was unbelievable. I'll admit, at one point I was so dejected that I turned my head and tried to take a nap. The Spurs took off in the 3rd quarter, and considering how good of a team they are, I wasn't sure that the Suns could come back.

Well, they did, but at a cost.

Because of Horry's cowardly foul against Nash, we lost Amare and Boris for Game 5. But you know what? I'm really not that concerned. We still have KT to match up against Duncan, we have Burke who can take a couple fouls while guarding him, we still have Shawn, Nash, LB, Raja. We went to two Conference Finals while missing key players (Joe Johnson in 05, Amare and KT in 06) - this is not new territory for us. We just proved last night we can win against extreme adversity. And now, we have one more thing on our side: a mental advantage.

I don't think there is a single person on that team that is scared of the Spurs anymore. Not only did we come back in the 4th quarter on their own court to take back home court advantage, they had to rely on thuggish tactics to try and gain advantage. The Suns won't be dejected that they are without two key players; they'll be confident knowing that they can beat this team, and they can do it without those two.

We have nothing left to lose. We lose this series, and it'll forever be known as a tainted victory for the Spurs. We are expected to lose. We just won the biggest game in franchise history last night, and now we have to play two nights later, without our two best frontline players. Everyone will understand if we lose. Everyone expects the Spurs to win tomorrow night. The pressure is on San Antonio to not blow it again. But after the way they walked out of their arena last night, with their heads down, those exasperated looks on their faces, I don't think they have the confidence to do it. When a team has to resort to dirty plays to gain an advantage, they've already lost.

(Fuck, between the Suns and Lost tomorrow, I'm not going to have time to breathe!)


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