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Saturday, September 8, 2007


Things are hurtin around here lately.

Since Saturday, my back has been in a lot of pain. I didn't even do anything to it, at least that I know of. We had some friends in town last weekend and we were cooking some breakfast Saturday morning. Everything was OK until I got up from the table, and I felt my back tighten up. It's hurt like hell since then. It's ok when I'm in one position, but if I go from sitting to standing, or try to adjust when I'm laying down, it hurts really bad. It's been so bad that I've woken Wac up in the middle of the night from yelling out in pain just by turning over. I'm trying to see a doctor, but I just haven't had the time to do it lately. It's slowly getting better, but if I don't see any significant improvement, I may have to bite the bullet and sacrifice a vacation day that I was planning for the day after Thanksgiving just so I can go to the doctor.

On the walk home from Blockbuster last night, I walked past my car and noticed something new. To preface, parking in Seattle is a premium, and we only have 1 parking spot in the garage for our apartment, which Wac pays an additional amount for. I chose the zone parking route, which means I paid $35 for a 2-year pass that allows me to park on certain streets that have been designated for neighborhood residents. There's a couple streets that still have free parking, but they're a couple blocks away. Everything else is pay-parking from 8am to 6pm. The alternative I chose is probably the cheapest way to go. Sometimes I have problems parking, because even though it's "residents only" after 6pm, there's a handful of people who don't pay attention to that. Most of these people are patrons at a bar next to our building. It gets pretty packed in there from Thurs to Sat, usually full of guys & girls who haven't recovered from the fact that they're not in a sorority or fraternity anymore. Anyways, perhaps a couple of them got into a fight or something, maybe to the point that one of them was pushed into my car. I don't know how else to explain it, because on the passenger side of my car, there's a nice new dent on the side & part of the top of my trunk. It looks like my car got punched by a Transformer. And of course, any repair will mean $500 out of my pocket for the deductible. This is the same reason I never got my car fixed when the roof of my apartment fell on it last year. My car is still driveable, but as it stands, I'm making payments on a car that's becoming less & less valuable, and I can't do anything about it unless I'm able to magically make $500 appear.


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