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Monday, December 3, 2007

Rain, Rain, Go Away

I've seriously written like three posts for this blog over the past couple of weeks, but once I finish, I don't feel like posting them. I do have some ideas for new posts that are going to sort of transform this blog, or at least make it more interesting than it has been lately. I'm not really surprised if everyone has quit reading, but for those of you that are, I think you'll enjoy it.

The weather has been ridiculous this past weekend
. We got our first snow on Saturday. I was working OT at our store in Bellevue so I didn't get to experience it that much. I did go walking in it on my lunch break. It wasn't sticking to the ground just yet, just to anything metal and to me. I was like a walking snow magnet. After living in AZ for almost 27 years, living in a place that snows every once in a while is still a novelty to me. I guess downtown Seattle got it pretty heavy too, and I missed out on getting to play in it, but hopefully we get some more before I go home for X-mas.

Since then, it's been non-stop rain. I think it's rained for 24 hours consecutively, at least. Today's been one of those days that reinforces the image that everyone who's never been to Seattle has in their head. The streets have turned into rivers, roofs have become makeshift Chinese Water Torture devices if you stand under them long enough, and hundreds of basements throughout the county have probably become indoor swimming pools today. Just walking from the apartment to the bus stop probably qualified as my second shower of the day. Yes, I have an umbrella, I just don't know where it is. Maybe Santa will bring me one...if I don't drown first.

I'm excited to go back home for Christmas - I leave in just over 2 weeks! It's strange to think that I haven't been home in over a year. Friends have had babies, others are making them, moms are getting skinny. It's like going home to Bizarro world. Of course, the pre-requisite trips to Casey Moore's, Cheba Hut & Filiberto's will be in order, as well as a stop at Peter Piper Pizza. If you're wondering...yes, it's quite possible that I miss the food more than I miss some of you.

On Christmas morning, we fly over to Riverside to spend the second half of the trip with Wac's family. I think we also have a trip to Disneyland lined up. The last time I'd been, Splash Mountain was still a pretty new attraction. I was also wearing a fanny pack & blue sunglasses at the time. Suffice it to say it's been a long time.

It's time to go to lunch. Hopefully the rain doesn't wash me away to Elliott Bay.


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