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Friday, July 25, 2008

I May Never Come Back

Here's where all the 4am bedtimes come back to screw me over.

In just over 8 hours, I go on vacation. Of course, when we started planning this last September, I didn't expect it to be a vacation from doing nothing, but it's a vacation nonetheless.

At 9am, Wac & I, along with 6 of our friends (and two of their friends), depart on a road trip to the magical land known as Bend, Oregon. It's basically the dead center of Oregon, 6 hours away according to Google maps (but they drive the speed limit, so probably no more than 5.5).

Go ahead, ask.

The short answer is: beer. We're traveling 6 hours for beer. And in fact, it's the same beer we can get at a bar just blocks from our apartment.

The long answer is: to stay at a McMenamins brewery\hotel, where we're renting a 5 bedroom house on the premises. Also on this premises includes three bars, a movie theater, and a Turkish bath house. If this sounds familiar, it's because Wac & I stayed there on our road trip last year. I really didn't do justice with my description of the place last year. I still think Wac describes it best when she called it "summer camp for adults".

Seriously, we can have beer delivered to our house by room service. And that's if we're too lazy to walk across the courtyard to the bar itself.

It helps that Bend is a decent little town too. The downtown area has a decent bar scene, it's located right next to a beautiful park, and it's got a couple of microbreweries in the area, including Deschutes.

Anyways, if you don't hear from me in a while, it could just be me being a lazy blogger again. Or I could have decided to live the rest of my life as a transient in Bend, begging people for change for one more pint of Ruby, constantly trying to sneak my way into the Turkish bath house.

I can think of so many worse ways to spend my life. And few better.

P.S. To clarify something from my last post. We do not force our cats to use a litter box half their size. That picture is two years old, when we just got Little Kitty, who was only maybe 6 weeks old, and very much able to use a litter box of that size. Big Kitty, shown in the picture, decided that it was much easier to use the litter box in the room, despite it's size, rather than walk to the other side of the apartment. So before you get all PETA-crazy on us, know that we are very good pet owners. We are just owners of two mildly retarded cats.

Besides, look at that face. He loves it!


  • If he loves it so much then why have they sprayed litter all over the floor and wall?


    I read somewhere that they just discovered that cat litter boxes have been too small all these years...

    By Blogger Schaubs, At July 25, 2008 at 8:28 AM  

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