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Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Glory Days

I miss 2006. I had a bigger apartment, a job, my car wasn't all beat up, and Shawn Marion was still with the Suns.

I've been making good use of my XBox lately, going through a season on NBA 2K7. It was cheap, only $6, and it features the Suns during their glory days, with the same roster that lost to the Spurs in the playoffs (remember Horry-gate?). I made some changes though, because honestly, I have no interest in playing video game basketball with Marcus Banks and Erik Piatkowski on my roster. So I made some trades, juiced up my lineup. I'll spare you the details, but let's just say this: My bench alone consists of Dirk Nowitzki, Gilbert Arenas, and Ray Allen.

Holy shit, playing NBA 2K7 with Ray Allen is way too unfair. He refuses to miss from 3-point range and is averaging almost 45 points a game.

Oh, and in NBA 2K7, the Suns will win the championship, and the Sonics still exist (minus Ray Allen, of course).

Yay XBox!


Lest you think that I'm completely unproductive, I should mention that I did other things too. Like grab a voter registration form before it's too late, and I got a library card while I was at it too. I also found a cool little shop that specializes in Spanish goods, and grabbed a bottle of Rioja and a jar of chimmichurri spices.

I also applied for three jobs, none of which I think I'll get. They're all relatively big companies, all nationally known, and I've had less success getting interviews with those guys.

I also sent an email to a company I'm still in limbo with. I interviewed with them last week, and they're continuing to interview through this week too at least. Rather than sit on my hands and wait to find out what's up, I cranked out one of my patented "wordy" emails, explaining how excited I was, and highlighting my strong points. Especially considering I was the first to interview, and it was over a week ago, I need to make sure I don't get forgotten. Last time I did this I didn't get the job, but the HR Director put the word out to all her colleagues about me. That got me a couple interviews elsewhere; hopefully this time it helps seal the deal.


Halloween is just ahead. We didn't do anything last year, so we're counteracting that by throwing a Halloween party. I still don't know what my costume will be this year. In recent years, I've been Tobias from Arrested Development, Emo-Dad, Lil' Jon (the rapper) and Maggie Simpson. I like my costumes to be either really obnoxious (Lil Jon) or easy to do (Emo-Dad was basically just me with a baby strapped to my back).

The problem with Halloween costumes is that my glasses and my baldness don't lend themselves to that many options. I had a good idea for this year, but to really get the full effect, I would have to get different glasses. I'm going to the party store down the road tomorrow to see if I can get any more ideas from them. I don't want to cop out on my costume this year but I don't want to be pressed for time either, so I feel like I need to decide now.

Otherwise, I may just try to squeeze into a kid's costume and go as Fat Batman.


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