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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Garlic Overdose

Over the years, I've developed a small passion for cooking. Go figure. The fat guy has a passion for making food.

Anyways, I've become a fairly decent cook. My grilling skills are getting better, I can usually find a way to make a pretty tasty dinner without a recipe, and I'm finding ways to make great tasting meals that fit within my diabetic diet & Wac's Weight Watchers plan.

Last night's meal consisted of some turkey tenderloins wrapped in bacon from Trader Joe's. Spiced with a bit of garlic salt & pepper, pan-seared, then topped with some rosemary & thrown in the oven for about 15 mins. I also made some green beans, blanched just briefly, then sauteed with butter and some garlic.

Perhaps I might have used just a bit too much garlic.

If any of my co-workers are reading this, no, it's not a new cologne that I have on today. That faint aroma of garlic you might catch isn't someone's lunch.


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